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Was going to pick Option B but then I realized Ace Attorney is a bad influence(sorry you walked into that one). Option D would take time and is largely in futility because you’re indoors... would you drive a car indoors? Yeah no one would. Suing over it is being petty. Logic from Option D would imply Option A to be dumb and if it’s not allowed in one Pokémon Center, it’s likely not allowed in others. That makes Option C a nonstarter so I choose none of the above. Don’t like it, too bad lol.

You’re Champion of your native region but yearn to visit other regions to discover new Pokémon but also more about yourself. The problem is that by traveling you’d be forced to vacate your title as Champion that you spent over 6 years to obtain. What do you do?

A) Stay and defend your title.
B) Abdicate and travel
C) Smell ya later... I’d rather be a Gym Leader.
D) Go seduce Wallace to be the stand-in while you travel.