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My Goal is to look good as well Impo! (We are one in the same, best mentality ever!)

Haha feel free to post "sexy pics" Im sure theres many PC members who would love to see it.

Welcome Sector!
I do all my working out at home as well since I have everything I need, tbh I have never stepped inside an actual gym before. Go figure.

How many dead pull ups can you do?

Also I added a new work out Core Blaster, I'd like some feedback on it and if you think its good/ what else could be added etc. Everyone please feel free to contribute some routines etc because they will be featured! :)

Also The NIKE + GPS write up has been added to the first post, it was written up by our own Impo and I encourage anyone who can get the app to use it and give Impo a challenge!

Oh and if someone wanted to write up a stretching/flexibility routine for the club that would be so amazing! Some dietary input would be awesome as well, I'm a bit lost when it comes to that :S