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Final update: Dark monotype SS

After days of grinding, whining, and short hiatus, I finally made it past Red. Luke suggested Protect and I was like, TIME TO DOWN PILLS so it was over to Goldenrod I went. I had to take out Red's Pikachu with Tyranitar since none of my other 'mon would be able to OHKO it (believe me, it was badly needed). Next was Blastoise sent out. I found out the hard way earlier that it carried Focus Blast, which badly marred my earlier Red runs. So this time I was fully stocked with X-items. Out went Crawdawnt and he started popping a lot of X. Sp Def. That let me stall out his Focus Blast and I was able to take advantage of his ineffective attacks to boost up Crawdawnt as much as I could before Blastoise was KO'd by Sandstorm. At that point, it was a sweep and nothing left to say other than I HATE RED!

Final team:
Level 79 Lonely Tyranitar (Necrum)
Protect|Earthquake|Crunch|Rock Slide

Level 77 Timid Houndoom
Shadow Ball|Flamethrower|Protect|Nasty Plot

Level 78 Gentle Honchkrow
Dark Pulse|Protect|Sucker Punch|Wing Attack

Level 77 Hasty Crawdawnt
Terriermon and Lopmon

White: 1463 5558 5309
X: 2208 5685 5454
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