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Ultimate Steel Monotype Challenge: White Version 2

I defeated Iris today. The E4 were not too much of a threat, though there were a good few Pokemon who had Earthquake which was extremely annoying. Victory Road was the same as always, long. Iris took me 2 tries. The first round I lost because of how OP Dragon Dance Haxorus is. Second round she never even used Dragon Dance and was thus her downfall.

So glad to be done with this challenge, it's been over a year since I started it, mostly because I used it as my bored in between other challenges challenge. It was fun but it had to end.



#589 Joan (Escavalier)
Level 55 - Nature: Bashful - Ability: Swarm
IVs: 5/11/14/17/24/0
-Swords Dance
-Iron Head

#530 Yoko (Excadrill)
Level 56 - Nature: Jolly - Ability: Sand Force
IVs: 10/19/29/6/31/19
-Shadow Claw
-Rock Slide
-Iron Head

#376 Steven (Metagross)
Level 56 - Nature: Careful - Ability: Clear Body
IVs: 29/7/1/15/21/31
-Bullet Punch
-Zen Headbutt
-Meteor Mash
-Hammer Arm

#448 Roland (Lucario)
Level 55 - Nature: Serious - Ability: Steadfast
IVs: 23/1/20/19/14/18
-Aura Sphere
-Shadow Ball
-Swords Dance
-Ice Punch

#462 GLaDOS (Magnezone)
Level 55 - Nature: Modest - Ability: Magnet Pull
IVs: 3/24/9/15/28/3
-Thunder Wave
-Flash Cannon

#601 Cogg (Klinklang)
Level 54 - Nature: Brave - Ability: Minus
IVs: 30/13/30/7/20/1
-Mirror Shot
-Gear Grind
-Shift Gear