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Just came back from a break!
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    Taking a bit of a break from X today
    SO I was home sick today, so I played pokemon, I am this far now, will update later tonight

    I am at Celadon Game Corner, about to go into the lair
    Fun Fact
    Celadon in Kanto = Tokyo in Japan

    Overleveled Team -

    Level 34
    -Water Gun
    -Mega Kick
    -Mega Punch
    Shelk hasn't seen much action recently aside from tanking the whole Dark Cave, but he is close to evolving, and I can't wait for that, especially aside from my X playthrough, I have never owned a Blastoise legitimately.This far in, Vap hasn't really gotten to shine, so Shelk gets MVP

    Cry Now (Formerly Laugh Now)
    Level 28
    -Dragon Rage
    OMG, this guy has huge stats for early-game, but he doesn't have the movepool right now to really utilize those stats, so I will give him the honor of the infamous LVP award!

    Level 26
    Water Pulse
    Quick Attack
    Vap is really new to the team, so I can't judge him just yet, but his stats rival Cry Now's and he is two levels under him, along with the fact that he is new and has the most HP already at 103! Vap is up and rising!