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    @WalkPokeThrough: Why can't you? No DS? Game is too expensive? Anyway, that's a shame... especially since I think Black and White and their sequels are some of the best main-series Pokemon games ever, for so many reasons.

    Anyway, Part 13 is up! This is another exploration episode, except here we have a Pokemon capture and some trainer battles as well. So the battle themes show up again, finally. (At the beginning, I was kind of lost on what I wanted to nickname my Zubat, so I just came up with Janine on the fly. I really like that name now, actually.)

    Part 13: Ninja Bat Joins the Team

    Also, just before I recorded Parts 13 and 14, I started having issues with Windows Live Movie Maker; I suddenly had problems where there was sound, but no video in both the preview and the finished movie. I didn't change anything with my graphics drivers, so it must have been something weird with the program. Anyway, I just recently started using an even older version of Movie Maker (the one made for Vista) to edit the videos, and this seems to work for now. It's much harder to add captions with this program, but until I get either Adobe Premiere or a new video card, this will have to do.

    And Part 14 should be coming up shortly, since I already recorded it. I'm glad this LP is finally getting a following here! :)

    EDIT: See? I told you Part 14 would be coming up shortly: here it is! More exploring in this part, plus me having an unexpectedly tough time with trainers and catching Pokemon. But there is one Pokemon I catch here that I didn't even know existed in this area...

    Part 14: Unexpected Squee

    Also, it just occurred to me that I forgot to list Genetor's theme in the first post, as it played in Part 13. I forgot to include that in the Youtube description as well, so I went ahead and changed that today. Part 15 will probably take a while to get up, due to me being busy with life in general...

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