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    Oh, you'll get that badge from Shelly at some point, but you don't actually need Rock Smash to progress through the Stairway. If you haven't already rescued Victoria, keep looking!

    Also, this was posted on my site, but I want people's opinions on it here, too:
    Earlier in the week I mentioned that I was going to put Episodes 8/9 together (i.e two gyms in one release)
    I'm kinda reconsidering that
    In either case, the episode 9 content is going to be somewhat shorter than a typical episode, so I figured I'd just lump it all together
    On the other hand as I'm working on this, I realise I kinda enjoyed releasing the Apophyll arc in two separate parts. It also allows me to be more flexible with fixing things between them.

    Would you guys rather have a shorter episode sooner or a longer episode with a longer wait time?
    (Note, as far as updating, I realised that the music alone is 80% of the download's bulk so I can release update packs that will reduce game download size when updating to >50 MB, so the huge downloads shouldn't be so much of a consideration)
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