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    I'm finally back! My mom decided to stay at the river for a few more days so I had to stay with her.

    And now, after a week:

    Update: 3050 Scyther Resets. I've seen at lest 10-15 Male Adamant Scythers and I'm getting REALLY annoyed every time one of them isn't Shiny. I started hatching Pinsir Eggs for a bit, but I lost interest after 22, hatching takes too long in my oppinion.

    I shall have Shiny Scyther! I SHALL!

    Oh, and good luck Exokriz on your Shiny Scyther Hunt (when you get around to it).


    P.S. Tha Pokemon Prodigy: Where did you get your banner, it looks almost EXACTLY like the format in which I make mine...A jumble of pokemon, SHC at the top, and a gradient-style background (or anything from PhotoShop). Just wondering.

    P.P.S. lugiaman#1: Do you mean that you have every Unown in Shiny Form? That's an incredible acomplishment! And you don't have doubles of ANY of them?

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