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    alright I have a free period today an my lunch, so I can get some solid work done. By the time I get home at the end of the day I tend to be so tired all I want to do is play awesomenauts. I'm just done thinking. anyway...

    with the classes I'd say if you made excavator it should still be both stones and fossils, but just a different name. Maybe it should be a bit like gen 4's underground and that these people can get most of those items. Then draw back could be that items found are very location based. ex. a kabuto fossil could only be found in a coastal area (possibly only one town).

    specialist could be cool, but have it be all positive bonuses, but you may only have one type of pokemon to get the buff. IF you have a mixed team then you're specialized type should get a very slight boost.

    I'd suggest the collector as a class in that they'd have a minutely better chance at catching pokemon.

    Also I'd like to ask about econemy. do we have to track our money or is it sort of "Oh I won a battle so I have some spare cash."
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