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@ jason, I'll look it through soon, then!

Originally Posted by AlexOzzyCake View Post
I've just been told that I'll be working through January to May on a work placement at a chemical research center so unfortunately I won't have time to take part in this RP any more. It's a shame, I was really looking forward to this one. If it's still running in the future then hopefully there'll be a spot free to apply for ;) I can hope haha. Have fun everyone playing!
;; <-- sad Pelipper

Maybe in the future then. Good luck at work! Chemicals are so much fun~

Originally Posted by CyBeastSaber View Post
*cough* Or RHCP can just add 3 more slots *cough* xD
Actually, yeah. With AlexOzzyCake retreating and a few people who expressed interest without spots available to reserve, I might as well just let you all post SUs and accept those that are good. 10 spots or 12 spots, what's the difference ^^

So, like... Vato, gunnerpow7 and CyBeastSaber, if you still want to submit SUs, let me know when they are finished and I'll have a look at them just like with the other reserved RPers. *and there was joy and happiness*
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