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    ...the only reason I'm posting here is because nobody else has yet and I felt bad. Soooooo...refer to the bolds.
    Originally Posted by cartercr View Post
    Okay, so here is the idea. *gets*

    There is a land in which the great king Zafon ...kind of a silly name. Taking place in a historic time? If not, fantasy names do not really exist in pkmn much...but let's read on. ruled. He was a great ruler, who was widely respected A mebe you'll use a map of some pice of Europe.... Not by Team Rocket though Uh-huh.... One day Giovanni started a raid on the Pokemon League Why? How did TR's operations end up here? Is this somewhere in the game or anime continuity? created by the king. The king finally began the battle with Giovanni, and lost tragic.. Giovanni then used his rhydon to kill the king ...a'riiiiight.... As Zafon was killed he summoned Oh jeez... the Psychic Pokemon Alchar The alchemist pkmn? to convert Convert him to what? Gold? Giovanni. Giovanni (under the psychic powers of Alchar Is Alchar a free agent now that Zafon is deceased? Did Alchar never work for the king to beginw ith but he had some lame controlling mechanism?) began studying Pokemon, with books at a library? until finally Team Rocket came and kidnapped Giovanni This has several chiches, but not quite ones too pkmn-y...kidnapping is overused, though.. You So you play as a TR member? then are told by one of his assistants to take one of Giovanni's three pokemon Rhydon, Golem, or Cloyster? Where's Persian (since it's not in a ball in the anime)? and to begin going through each town in search of Rocket bases lost me now. that may hold the Professor Professor? So he knows how to stop Alchar's mind-controlling? Wait, mind-controlling?!. Only time can tell if Giovanni will ever be rescued. are you going to make a game of this? You just go find a Professor who knows how to defeat the evil Psychic type and free another evil person? Uhhhh...and the land is now in chaos because their king was assassinated and now secuirty is tightened. How would a TR member get around the region like that? Or were you just being ambiguous and you are not actualy a TR member?
    And what would Giovanni bother studying up on? He already has to be a pretty well-read guy in order to be at the top of the TR ladder...
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