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Originally Posted by nasonex
Nice Updates again DrFuji! I've been wondering what the Frickle Forest
will look like. It feels like it's a creepy forest.. (chills)
Hehe... Its funny that you should say that, as it is suppossed to be a bit creepy, as shown in the first screenshot further down. I've cut out some of the text cause I'm cool like that, but the message is d simple: Something is lurking within the forest...

Can't wait for the scripts at Fleetwood City! Maybe It'll be a rare Beach
pokemon! lol! :D
I wouldn't exactly call the Pokemon 'beach Pokemon', but maybe you'll get lucky :3

Originally Posted by Sarcastic Prince
You've been updatin' the thread with awesome
updates lately, and I appreciate that.

I have one complaint, though.
And that complaint... is the Hero OW. The design itself is good, but the hair seems to...
"lost" its outlining?

Anyways, good luck on this.
Thanks for that :P

Yeah, now that I look back on it, the player's hair could use some refining - I'll fix that in abit unless you'd like to do the honours, NiKa?

------- (-o-) -------

Update: 5 Hours after saying I had nothing to show, I've scrounged up two screenshots to show that I've actually been doing stuff. I'm planning to test whether I should slightly lighten the Frickle Forest trees or not, so the second screenshot is tentativly confirmed.


Post, reply, whatever - Its all good :D
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