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The two heard heavy footsteps. Soon, a man in a blue UO uniform emerged from around the corner. "Hide!" the girl called. Both dove behind separate rocks, careful not to make a sound.

"Where is that blasted Shinx?" he boomed. "It's hard to send a Pokémon here from Sinnoh and then have it run away!"
So that's why there was a Shinx in here, Logan thought. Just then, the man dropped a small grey orb onto the ground. It released a thick white smoke into the air that smelled of dozens of fresh meat. Shinx scratched it's ball as if it wanted to get out, as it was attracted by the meat smell.

Suddenly, a Litleo pounced the man, followed by a white-uniformed UO member. Her attire was that of the casual Scientist, plus the UO logo stitched in. "Well, found Leah." she chimed in.

The Litleo was playing with the orb just like a Skitty would with yarn. It took all of the girl's strength to not say, "Aww..." but she accidently said it anyway.


The two UO members jerked to the directions of the kids. "Who was that?" the blue-uniformed one said firmly. "Lutinax, find them!" A Master Ball dropped onto the floor, forming into a Luxray.

Logan remembered reading that Luxray could see through walls. There was nowhere to run.
Nowhere to hide.
They were doomed.
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