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    Originally Posted by PokemonSnakewood View Post
    I like the way this seems to be coming along, hope this is completed !

    Also, what format will this game be released inÉ
    Thanks for the kind words! At the minute, I'm not sure in which format it will be released as I don't know whether RMXP games can be exported as a standalone program. If anyone could help me with this, or give me some info, that would be great.

    I mention the other day that me and gimmepie have been working together on each others games. As a result, it was quite inevitable that the games would somehow end up connected. I can now reveal that both the games will be connected some way or another. The most obvious references will come through character appearances and pieces of the story-line. You can visit his thread by clicking the banner in my signature.

    More updates will be explained tomorrow.
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