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    Which Eeveelution do you think is good for Beginners?

    I would say that all the Kanto Eeveelutions is good for beginners. The reason is, you can get them through an Elemental Stone, which are VERY easy to get. Of course, you can get Leafeon quite early in Platinum Version, but when it comes to Special Defending and HP, just forget about it. Umbreon and Espeon are one of the most difficult Eeveelutions to try to get in my opinion. Plus, by the time Glaceon is available to get, the Beginners would already have became non-beginners. Flareon will be good for wielding elemental Physical Attacks. It may not have many good Physical Fire-Type moves (Such as Iron Tail, Superpower, or Giga Impact) but hey, it's got a good Special Attack and Special Defense too. Vaporeon can learn some strong moves like Hydro Pump, Shadow Ball, Ice Beam and Signal Beam. It may not have the best Defenses, but it sure can improve on it by learning Acid Armour, which greatly heightens Vaporeon's Defense. As for Jolteon, it is the fastest of the Eeveelutions, and has a good Special Attack at the same time. It could learn great moves like Thunder, Shadow Ball and Hyper Beam. However, it may have a bad Defense, and it may be vunerable to a few strong Physical Attacks (Earthquake, anyone?), But who cares? Jolteon would probably faint them with it's Speed Sweep in a couple of turns. Luckily Jolteon's Special Defense isn't as bad as it's Defense.

    Leafeon and Glaceon seem to be some sort of "Advanced Beginner" Eeveelutions. Leafeon just hasn't got the best Move-Pool out of the Eeveelutions, and only really has a good place in your team if you know how to train it, and give it a good Move-Set. However, it does learn some good Physical Attacks and it's Defense, for an Eeveelution, is one to behold. Plus it is one of the faster Eeveelutions, so it makes up for it's little Move-Pool. Leaf Blade happens to be very good on Leafeon. Leafeon may also learn Status Moves like GrassWhistle, Sunny Day and Synthesis. As for Glaceon, it's Speed and it's Attack aren't very good. However, it's good Defence, Special Attack and Special Defense make up greatly for it. Glaceon may also be risky, since it has only one Resistance and four weaknesses. However, if you give it good moves like Blizzard, Shadow Ball and Signal Beam (Which can be good sometimes, in case you are wondering), then it makes up for those weaknesses. It also seems to be capable of learning lots of Status Moves, like Hail, Barrier, and Mirror Coat, which can completely change your situation in a battle.

    Finally, we come across the powerful Umbreon, and the sweeping Espeon. They probably have the hardest method of getting it, but it's definitely worth it. Espeon does not have a good Defense, but it can learn some great moves like Psychic, Grass Knot and Synchronoise. There is not much more to say about this, apart from that it doesn't have as good Pokeathlon Statistics as other Eeveelutions. As for Umbreon, it can be a very good Pokemon for your team, but to be honest, even it has downfalls. It's Speed, and both of it's Attack Statistics are not one you would usually see in an Eeveelution. BUT MAN, IT'S A FREAKING TANK WITH GOOD HP. If you want a Tank with GOOD HP, this is one of the only ones you can get. Plus it's a Tank which can get very annoying, depending on whether you teach it elemental moves, or have it use Status Moves. But, going along with one and only one of them is vital, because if you have half of each then you won't have a good Umbreon as it could be. It is a VERY strong Eeveelution, but it's Pokeathlon Statistics are definitely NOT the best at all, even with 17 stars. Despite that, it's a great Pokemon to use, although it's very difficult to get.

    Looks like I haven't gone to this club for over three days, so hopefully this answer will make up for it.

    About the quiz, it was a very fun activity to do!

    So yeah, looking forward to the results on Monday!