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    Originally Posted by darknessrules View Post
    is it possible to catch landorous using ultra ball or should you use the second master ball
    Yes you can catch him with an ultra ball. Just be ready for an intense session. Come prepared with tons and I mean TONS of ultra balls and potions/revives. Also a good idea to save state (im playing on VBA) right before in case you kill him or he struggles to death.

    Originally Posted by CrowClaw View Post
    You can catch him it just takes a realllllllllly long time or great luck you don't need to use the master ball
    Really long is an understatement. Came into the battle with 100+ ultra balls (to be safe lol) also had a ton of hyper potions and revives. Took over an hour, 50+ ultra balls, countless revives and potions and Landorous struggling for me to catch him.

    I wanted to ask in Alienhunter's walkthrough I cant seem to find the section on Legendary hunting. Im opening it in MS Word. Does anyone else have this same issue or would know wht I am doing wrong
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