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For those of you who've been here a while, you might remember Strange's RP that was on here for several months about a year ago called Trials of Olympus. Because of my participation there and my newfound freetime, I want to do something like that: a Percy Jackson roleplay. I know on that alone many will want to join, but for those who don't know, here is the basic rundown of the Percy Jackson series.

Of course, Greek mythology has been the subject of great awe and wonder. In the universe, however, they are more than myth and folklore. They are as real as anything else is in the world. They are the ones that control the various aspects of our planet (Poseidon with the sea, Zeus with the air, etc.) Over the course of history, the gods have moved to where the pinnacle of civilization happens to be. Several hundred years ago that was in mainland Western Europe. In the modern day that has moved to the United States, with the modern day Mt. Olympus located high above the Empire State Building, invisible to the mortals below. In fact, the entirety of the Greek mythological world is invisible to mortal humans thanks to a magical force known as the mist. Well, invisible unless you are a demigod. This is where the characters come in. They are the sons and daughters of various gods and goddesses with a mortal parent. Because of the fact that the Greek mythological world is now reality, monsters and all sorts of perils also pose a threat to demigods. Because of this, usually after monsters being aware of a demigod's presence and posing great threat to the young demigods, demigods seek refuge in the one safe place to house them: Camp Half-Blood. Here, they are trained in combat against monsters and other mythological threats as well as harnessing and developing inherited godly powers. As is common in the Greek world, there exists an everpresent threat against the demigods and the gods. This time, in the year 2003, it's in the form of whispers of the resurrection of the original Titan Ouranos.

Please feel free to inquire, add ideas or indicate interest.