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To add on to what AlphaLuxray has stated, it is indeed the case that we will be GMing this project together. I will confirm that we will be starting out at Camp Half-Blood (of which the characters will be new arrivals) Through the course of activities such as Capture the Flag (the movie somewhat illustrates this, but it is incorporating combat and demigods' powers to capture the opposing team's banner), training with a myriad of skills in combat, pegasus riding and sparring and social events, the crew will get to befriend each other, get to know each other and bond before a spat of unfortunate events involving Greek monsters and other horrors spur the players into action. To keep things fresh and interesting, along the way there will be man opportunities to pause from action to focus more on character interaction to get a good blend of action and character development. We will be dividing the RP into more bite sized arcs, each with a new advancement in the story and a new challenge or threat.

Also, as a follow up, the universe is an alternate universe ordeal. There will be no need to know the canon of the books. It will be taking place a few years before the events of the first book, but will only be using the world without any of the canon characters. Most of them would not be present anyways by way of being stuck in time/not yet at the camp etc.