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Originally Posted by jashan345 View Post
where and when do you get arceus
In DR2.

Originally Posted by Ambushwhack View Post
I'm looking to make this my first ROM hack I've ever tried out. I've been watching one of the LP's (MExile's), and it looks like fun. A couple of questions:
- are the abilities only up to 3rd gen? I noticed some were changed in the LP. I'm curious to try out a Frillish with Cursed Body (I'm just getting back into Pokemon after 3rd gen. I got sick of needing a new playing system every couple of generations).
- As I understand it, ROM hacks are files you need to patch in, so I'd also need to acquire an emulator and a Fire Red file. Any tips for getting these virus-free? It's the virus part that's making me timid about simply searching for one.
Yes, they are virus-free... if you have avira or some other crappy anti-virus they may say it's a virus but that's because of crappiness of those anti-virus programs.
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