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    Zachary Talon

    After running threw Oak Town, Zachary finally got tired and sat down on the curb for a rest. He looked at Flare and Sylo who were also tired.

    "Here guys, you can return back to your pokeballs" Zach said as he pointed the pokeballs laser out to hit them both.

    He then put them on his belt and got back up. He decided to pick a direction and just walk until he found something, it seemed easier at the time than to run around frantically. After about 15 minutes of walking after he left Oak town he looked forward to see a red building.

    "Hmm... Well better than nothing" Zach thought as he started to walk towards it.

    Once he got close he he looked over to see a girl with a Poochyena beside her watching a pokemon battle (Ruby Destiny). Zach smiled as he turned and walked towards it hoping to get some more information about the academy.

    When he got close he stood next to the girl.

    "Hey" Zach said to her
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