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    Amanda smiled as she left her families apartment slinging her bag over her shoulders as she dialed a number on her phone and held it to her ear as she walked down the hallway towards the stairs. "Hello?" A feminine voice said in her ear.

    "Hey Kelly, just calling to check what time my shift starts at the store" Amanda said brushing her hair out of her eyes.

    "Boss says be in no later than 6" Kelly replied.

    "Alright thanks." Hanging up her cellphone Amanda put it in her bag along with her ballet things. She was going to the park for a bit before ballet class and then work. did I remember to tell my mom were I'm going she thought before gasping loudly as she slipped on the stairs quickly grabbing the rail to keep from falling. "That was close" she giggled continuing down the four flights if stairs to the ground without anymore trouble.

    "gosh, why am I such a klutz" she muttered as her phone started ringing with the song "Dark Side" by Kelly Clarkson. Pulling out her phone she flipped it open to read her new text message.

    Where are you? -Mom

    Same thing I do everyday Mom. Going to the park. -ASM

    Okay, Are you working tonight? -Mom

    Yeah, start at 6, get off at 11. -ASM

    Alright, Love you sweety, have fun at ballet today. - Mom

    Love you too Mom, check in with you later. -ASM

    Once she was finished texting her mom Amanda put her phone back in her bag double checking one last time to make sure she had her inhalers, her leotard, tights, and her point ballet shoes in her bag. Leaving the building she started towards the park like she did everyday smiling kindly or waving at the few people she knew. Moving her bag to her other shoulder as she neared the ShoWare Center which was on her way to the neighborhood park.