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    Courage swooped down and quickly placed Amanda's hand on the rail. It was nearly impossible to keep this girl up and running, in all honesty. She was clumsy, but she was smart, beautiful, and everything in between, so it was worth it. Courage had formed an attachment to her. She was clumsy though. I have to be careful, vigilant, heroic, and courageous. Courage was all for saving the day. He had to do it a lot, so it gave him a sense of accomplishment.

    He followed behind Amanda, making sure to put a good twenty feet between them. She was going to the park, right on schedule, and talking to peope she knew. Courage glanced around to make sure that no demons were following, scanning for any potential threat. With Amanda, it could be anywhere. That's why it was imperative to stare down everyone who gave her a strange look. His imposing, black form was usually enough persuasion to stave off the worst of criminals. They're right to leave her alone. If anyone hurts her, they'll have to answer to me. Being an Angel was difficult for Courage, but it was all worth it if he and Amanda were to go to the Heavens together.