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    Chalie, the Angel

    Charlie sat there and watched as Jos- Err... Olivia got ready to head on out. Just as she was putting on her socks Kyle walked in. Charlie respected Kyle as he was probably the only person in the world who could understand Josiah's erm... 'Situation'. Also, no matter how much Kyle seemed supportive of Josiah/Olivia Charlie could see that he secretly wished, or perhaps not so secretly wished, that Josiah would eventually grow out of it. Although, both Charlie and Kyle knew that it would probably never happen.

    As Olivia headed out, Charlie could see a huge crowd heading over towards the ferris wheel. He could hear that Olivia would be heading over to the ferris wheel in an attempt to sketch some scenery. Charlie thought that the ferris wheel would be a brilliant time to draw some scenery. Whilst Olivia was walking towards the ferris wheel, Charlie could tell that she seemed really happy. It was great that when becoming Olivia, she could find some peace within herself. Being Olivia definitely helped in a mental state, but could it hinder it as well? Charlie thought it best not to worry about that and just watch some more.

    When Olivia arrived at the ferris wheel, she accidentally ran into a girl. The girl's reaction was shocking! How could someone respond like that! What if Olivia had hurt herself. Charlie was fuming at this. He barely ever became angry or anything of the sort but at the reaction of this disgusting 'child' he was angered very much. Now Olivia couldn't even get on the ferris wheel as she was scared. The poor girl. Hopefully, this boy would be a much nicer person than the one she had first made contact with.
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