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    Amanda was nearing the ShoWare Center and shook her head slightly. She walked by the place just about every day, but she never went in. She wasn't a sports person. Didn't like to play them or watch them at all. "What do you want?!" a male voice said in a startled tone right as someone bumped into her.

    "o-oh, I'm sorry" Amanda apologized looking up to see a boy about her age, who was much taller than her. As she looked at him she noticed his hand was bleeding and paled slightly at the sight of blood. But her need to help others quickly made her forget about her dislike of blood. "Your hurt" she said stating the obvious before digging through the side pocket of her bag to pull out a small portable first aid kit.

    "My names Amanda, what's your name?" she asked opening the first aid kit and pulling out an alcohol wipe and a small roll of bandages. "Here, this should help your hand" she smiled kindly extending her hands to the boy she just met to give him the two items.