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    Originally Posted by Flan View Post
    There's always the real grindfest that is having two Rare Kitchens in your Festival Plaza.
    I say grindfest because you have to have 4,500 FC to even purchase two Rare Kitchens from visitors in your plaza, plus you need to be at least Rank 30 to use the hidden features after you beat the League.
    Not to mention that just to level up one Pokemon from LV. 66 to LV. 98 requires 800 FC each time.
    So yeah, you better sign up for all those global missions and grind it out with the regular ones from daily Festival Coupons lol. ;)
    Actually I just stopped training them :P Like I said, I got bored once I hit 75 to 88 on all of them. But I am already Level 100 in the Plaza. Think I am actually around 105 now. Plus I have about 80 coupons as well. Just don't have a will to use them. However, that might change if I ever get my first Sun and Moon Shiny.

    I am glad they fixed it though. But as for the rest of the bugs, I have never encountered the others. Then again, I haven't ran into any bugs since we started the 3DS games.
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