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Originally Posted by Gerokunz View Post
User Name: Gerokunz First Pokémon: Rattata Second Pokémon: Swablu Colour Palette: Swablu Notes: I might be hitting on you. xD

There 'ya go! If you want a redo, just ask. I can make it better. And yeah, I
might be hitting on you.
Originally Posted by SummerSkies View Post
Thank you for the redo of the sprite you made for me. ^^ May I request three more sprites? Is it okay to use the sprites for my signature and for my profile on deviantART? Making the three sprites are optional. I don't want to make you too busy. Thank you in advance. pokéballs User Name: SummerSkies Pokémon: Pidgeot pokéballs User Name: SummerSkies Pokémon: Staraptor pokéballs User Name: SummerSkies Pokémon: Altaria
Yes, you can use it in your signature and in your deviantART. Credit would be appreciated! And also, here's your requests!

I made a bunch of 'em so you can choose. Want a redo? Just ask. Come again!
Originally Posted by OrangeNess View Post
@Laugh Thanks! I love the color Orange and the Mother series, and Ness is my best SSBB character, so I chose this name. And if you feel you can do better on a second try, go for it!

Here it is! I hope this is what you wanted. If you want another redo, don't be shy and just tell me! I don't bite, most of the time.

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