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    Originally Posted by Forever View Post
    EVEN BETTER, THEY CAN SELL DISNEY. Wonderful marketing idea for Disney tbh. But by saying Disney you made me think of Toys R Us! What about something as fun as one of those stores for those playing the games? :3 I mean as a kid that used to be one of the most exciting places ever! I'd like it to be in a city, though. On a route again would seem not really unique. But oh my God I want a store designed after Toys R Us, idc what it sells BUT AS LONG AS IT'S AWESOME and has fun things to do in there so people can stay there for more than just buying things!
    Yeah, I think I like your illustration better; Disney stores never even got close to competing with the excitement of going down to Toys R Us and running up and down the LEGO aisles stacked so high I could barely see the top. xD

    ...complete with a Girafarig head on the front, right? Mons R Us.

    That said...a store that actually sells Pokemon would be nice. Accruing Game Coins to buy a Dratini always bothered me immensely in the past. Why not a store that sells them for cash? Recording time is hardly an issue, so they could get new stock in every day...maybe a shiny every now and then. It'd be a great way to get Pokemon not found in the wild or in that version, as well. I suppose it could be a Pokemon Pound of sorts, since selling Pokemon will probably have PETA up in arms or something, but surely buying them like pets is better than winning them through excessive gambling?
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