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Originally Posted by Nohman View Post
Good day to those that frequent this forum. I've just made an account for the purpose of asking someone a favor on here.

As a kid (like so many of my age), I collected Pokémon cards. Today I decided to see if I could find my cards, and I did. I don't have a huge collection but I do have some holos and some rares that might still be worth something. I was wondering if someone on her would be willing to take a look at my collection (mostly Neo Genesis cards and some Base 1 or 2 cards I think, nothing First Edition so no crazy rares) and give an estimate as to what it might be worth as a whole.

I didn't want to just jot down my entire collection in here and ask for it without introduction, cause that seems a bit rude to me. So therefore I'm asking if someone would be willing to take a little of their time and have a look at my cards.

Thanks in advance for any responses,
I may be able to price them out in small numbers (like individual batches of 4 - pricing any more than that in one go starts to get boring) if you post a few here.