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    Pokemon of the Round Table

    • Please follow all Club Rules; all PC Rules still apply
    • Be Kind to each other. Hatred, spam, and trolling is unnessesary!
    • Please give it your best effort to stay on topic. I know it is quite hard not to stray, but still try!
    • Stay Active: it's no fun if everyone just joins the club but doesn't bother to post!
    • Please post new topics in Bold letters so it is easy to keep track of.
    • Love all and everything that is a sword-pokemon!
    • Lastly, HAVE FUN!!!


    Sign up by posting the following:
    Partner Pokemon:
    Why do you like the aggressive, attack-based nature of sword pokemon?
    Answer Current Topic:

    The Joust

    The Joust is a contest to where two members of the club Pokemon battle each other with their partner pokemon in a 1v1 match (eventually you will be physically given your partner pokemon and be required to give it back for further battles, but for now The Joust will be under construction until all required partner pokemon are obtained). Each partner pokemon has certain advantages in The Joust, such as specific items, moves, or stat boosts. When you win a Joust, you receive 50 SP (Slash Points). These points will be able to be used to upgrade your Ranking in the club (Rankings are explained further down on this page). Be sure to not only choose your favorite pokemon when picking your partner pokemon, but also the most strategic pokemon that fits to your battle style.

    Partner Pokemon:

    You may choose one of these Pokemon to be your "Partner Pokemon," which have certain advantages in The Joust depending on the Pokemon you choose.

    High Defense Stat ~ Item: Leftovers ~ Moveset: Swords Dance, Sucker Punch, Substitute, Iron Head

    High Attack Stat ~ Item: Choice Band ~ Moveset: Megahorn, Iron Head, Pursuit, Return

    High Sp. Atk Stat ~ Item: Life Orb ~ Moveset: Swords Dance, Waterfall, Aqua Jet, Megahorn

    High Stat ~ Item: Life Orb ~ Moveset: Swords Dance, Close Combat, Shadow Sneak, Leaf Blade

    High Speed Stat ~ Item: Life Orb ~ Moveset: Swords Dance, Aerial Ace, Brick Break, Bug Bite

    High HP Stat ~ Item: Choice Band ~ Moveset: Bullet Punch, Bug Bite, Superpower, Quick Attack


    ClumzyTrainR13 ~ Rank: Owner
    LilJz1234 ~ Rank: Wet Noodle ~ SP: 11
    Curtis talli ~ Rank: Wet Noodle ~ SP: 10


    You may buy a higher Rank when you receive a certain amount of SP (Slash Points). SP may be obtained by either 1. Signing up (you get 10 SP to start out with) 2. Jousting, or 3. Posting (you receive 1 SP per post. You must buy the rank positioned exactly after the one you are already in, you may not save and skip to further Ranks. Once you reach "Excalibur," you will receive a UT shiny version of your partner pokemon, and your official partner pokemon will also be shiny.

    Rank 1: Wet Noodle (Default Rank)

    Rank 2: Rotten Stick (50 SP)

    Rank 3: Wooden Sword (75 SP)

    Rank 4: Stone Sword (125 SP)

    Rank 5: Iron Sword (200 SP)

    Rank 6: Jeweled Blade (250 SP)

    Final Rank: Excalibur (500 SP)


    Grand Opening of Pokemon of the Round Table Club!!!

    In dire need of someone who can make userbars, backgrounds, and overall just a little bit of GFXing to spice things up!

    Co-Owners needed for assistance with the club! Only 2 available spots! PM me ASAP if you would like to become one and I will give you the sign-up sheet.

    Black 2 FC: