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    As for me and Chimchar, who was now rested and back on my shoulders. We were to take the green pad, because it was the only one left. As I was about to step on, Azelf called to me saying

    "Don't forget, a Pokemon is a mans best friend"

    I nodded at Azelf and stepped on the pad.

    I seemed to have been teleported to a chamber.The place was very cold, even with Chimchar on my shoulder I could still fell the freezing air. The room was dimly lit but I could see pretty fine. All those nights of meditating with Togekiss and Chimchar must have payed off. The camber was full of doors. My first instinct was to open them. I opened the first one but there was only a room the size of a bathroom. Nothing inside. Except on the wall. It was the symbol for fire. I went to the next door. It was the same except the symbol for dragon. Door after door there was nothing inside. Except symbols representing different types. I went through ice, grass, steel, flying, dark and more. All were empty except the last room. This room had a symbol of water. Inside this room, lying there in front of me was a Lapras. It looked sick at cold. I went over to it and asked Chimchar to heat Lapras up. I knew that Lapras was a part ice type. But this temperature was very, very cold, in fact I think it was getting colder by the minute. Anyways I new that I had to help this Lapras I couldn't leave it here in the cold. I slowly walked over to the Lapras and asked it to stand up. I slowly walked with the Lapras, because it is harder for Lapras to walk on land. Chimchar stayed on Lapras' head to keep it warm. I started to bond with the Lapras as we looked for an exit. We finally gound a door which led into a brightly lit room and there across the room was Torrent fighting against maybe up to 40 aqua grunts. I knew I had to help. I left Chimchar with Lapras and sent out Glaceon and Deerling. Torrent was shocked that I was there but kept battling. Deerling use razor leaf, Glaceon ice beam. I glanced over at Chimchar and Lapras who was slowl but thankfully getting better...
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