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    Uxie seemed a bit cautious but this was probably because of the last time I encountered it, since Jellicent was the one to knock it out. We continued chasing after them, Maxie's shadow suddenly dissapeared, we surfaced to see a giant cruiser filled with Magma Grunts they had Golbats, Mightyenas and Camerupts all lined up. "Get Down!" Torrent yelled we all quickly dove down, we quickly dove under the boat and surfaced on the other side, there was a small entrance on this side. We all climbed in and found ourselves in what appeared to be the engine room.

    Suddenly the boat began rocking violently, we weren't near an island so it had to be a pokemon, we heard guards coming so we hid behind a corner as soon as the guards passed us, the three of us jumped out and knocked out the grunts, we took their gear and sent out our fire pokemon: Houndoom, Chimchar and Blaziken. We ran up on deck to see Kyogre! he was thrashing the boat but Kyogre was not being controlled, it wanted something. We ran up to the top area were Maxie was. "Were have you three been?" he asked. We paused for a moment then Shadow said "Some unwanted trainers found their way onto the boat, we took them out they should be floating in the opposite direction now" Maxie grinned slightly, he then turned his back to us, "Well then, quickly go get my pokemon" Maxie said waving his hand in the air. We quickly looked around and saw a belt with 3 Duskballs, 1 Pokeball and 2 Heavyballs. Torrent handed him the belt and Maxie quickly yelled "Attention all Deck Grunts attack the Kyogre on the Port Side of the Ship!" he continued "You three follow me", we quickly followed him down on deck again and there must have been about 100 pokemon fighting Kyogre. Maxie released all his pokemon: Camerupt, Crobat, Mightyena, Tyranitar, Magmortar and Emboar.

    We stood back and watched Maxie unleash his fury on Kyogre, who after a few minutes dove back into the sea. all the Grunts cheered as Maxie returned hist pokemon and walked back up to the top floor...

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