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    Before I knew it Shadow grabbed all his pokemon and sent them out. Torrent and I were in a state of danger, Torrent quickly sent out his pokemon and I ordered Houndoom to use Thunder Fang on Maxie. Torrent had Swampert, Electivire and Gallade and Shadow had sent out Ambipom, Togekiss and Glaceon. While they fended off the Grunts Maxie had sent out his Camerupt, Tyranitar and Emboar. I grabbed my trio "Go! Sceptile! Charizard! Feraligatr!" The three pokemon appeared in order and each one was rearing to fight. From behind me I could hear Glaceon's Ice Beam, Togekiss' Aura Sphere, Ambipom's Double Hit, Gallade's Psycho Cut, Swampert's Hydro Pump and Electivire's Wild Charge. Maxie's pokemon began the attack, Rock Slide, Flamethrower and Focus Punch! I quickly ordered my pokemon to use the Elemental Attacks (Frenzy Plant, Blast Burn, Hydro Cannon). Maxie walked back and pressed a button, this dropped the cage holding Shaymin! He grabbed the cage and returned his pokemon and ran...

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