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    Torrent told Gardevoir to stand down with the brain blast, though Maxie was still enclosed in Gardevoirs aura. Maxie spoke

    "It has always been my dream to see the legandary pokemon of Time and Space"
    Omega looked shocked, he knew where Maxie was going with this. He checked his watch and Shreiked. Maxie kept talking.
    "If Shaymin is not in Flower Paridise when it comes to winter, Sinnoh will plunge into chaos. Disease and plague. The only way to stop this would be to call upon Dialga and Palkia."

    I was shocked. I had totally forgot about the story Omega told me. It had been ages since.

    "Omega, what season is it" I yelled.
    He replied with a droaned face " it's the last day of Autum!!!"
    Torrent and I were the ones shreiking now.

    "I have stalled long enough, keep your Shaymin, I dont need it, though just incase,...... Now"
    A grunt on the otherside of the room pulled a lever and a trap door opened underneath us. Torrent, Omega, all our Pokemon, the cage containing Shaymin and myself, all fell. It was a Long fall but luckily, Torrent used Gardivoir's Physcic to give us all a safe landing. We landed in a stone room. The walls all around us were made of tough stone. So was the floor. The celing was too made of stone, though you could see the line of where the trap door opened.

    Shaymin had broken out of the cage during the fall. It leaped up onto my lap and licked my face. It did the same with the others. It seemed to be really happy to be back with us. Now we had to figure out how to get out.....
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