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    Originally Posted by patchlist View Post
    awesome hack.. Just finish the story and deal with bugs, then fix everything later :D
    I think I've fixed everything except some music now, manadhon is helping me to fix this, and the story was finished in this hack already.

    Originally Posted by lit000 View Post
    Hey there, Mr. wind1158,
    were the stats of the mega evolutions already correct?

    this is the page, if not..
    I haven't adjust the stats of the mega evolution correctly because I need to work out a special item to make sure only 1 Pokemon can be in mega form in your team, to make sure the game will not be too easy. So please wait until I work out the item.

    Originally Posted by hate++ View Post
    do you mean to say that the mega form of absol can be encountered as wild pokemon ?
    No, I just mean you can use Sun Stone to turn these Pokemon into theirs mega form, but of course, there will be one special item for this.

    Originally Posted by Gorstak View Post
    Where do i found xdx member that have key for secret doors that need uranium?
    Find the dark worker member in Redwood City the first time, then find him in Marble Grassland, Volcano Path and Bronze Port, he will hand over the key the last time you defeat him.
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