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Originally Posted by klausiboy View Post
Well, I have a problem, and i looked through this thread for a while, but i couldn't really find a solution for it. it may be here, and perhaps i just can't find it, but im'm going to ask anyway.
I want to change the number of events on a map. I know I have to change the values in the "amount of events"-tab, and then i'm supposed to press the "change events"-button, right? but when i do that, a window pops up, and i think it's asking me to choose the offset, but i started using the program today, so i'm a total noob. if i simply close the window the amount of events won't change, but if i select the "specify" option and type 800000 it works, but I am unsure if it is unwise to keep using the same offset (actually pretty sure it's a bad idea), so i would like to know how to stop that window from popping up. i have seen some tutorial videos on events, and none of them got the popup when they changed the number of events.
i would really like help, thanks :) and as said, i'm completely new at this
Are you using A-map 1.9.5? Try using 1.9.2, it's much less buggy and won't ask you for offsets or anything. It is definitely bad to use the same offset though.