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MerkAVA vs Marx

Sand Everywhere

After several minutes of hammering down on the roof of the tank and screaming, Marx finally let up. The man's body reverted to its natural state and he simply stepped down from the vehicle. The thick smoke had dissipated, and so too had the color from the shapeshifter's eyes. The once darkening retinas had turned to a cloudy grey color as Marx walked out into the desert, absentmindedly pulling the vial of medicine from his pocket and taking another dose to the neck. Slowly, the man's body seemed to lose all substance as he melted into the sand itself, like a wax figurine under a torch.

Merk, looking at the binoculars, saw the strange man step away from the tank and knew it was an opening, if there was something like that. He revved up his tank and started to rush towards the man, intending to run over him and his strangeness once and for all, before he could even realize what Merk is planning to do. However, the needle once again disappeared into his neck and so did he into the desert sand. Merk stepped on gas harder in an effort to reach the spot where the man just disappeared. Like a madman, Merk started firing on the ground, sending out particles of sand and the liquified Marx everywhere. AVA stopped in the exact spot where the druggie disappeared. Everything was silent on the desert. Merk stepped on both the brakes and the gas at the same time. The track rotated in place, sending more sand and that strange liquid everywhere. "Turn back to man you freak!"

But nothing happened. The liquified remains of Marx's body continued to be strewn about the sands, mixing together with them and disappearing into the massive mounds. Several minutes passed with nothing seemingly happened, but all at once nearly twenty replicas of the man rose from the ground in a circle surrounding the tank, and various others within arm's reach of the opponent. The legs of those copies who formed the circle stayed buried beneath the ground, but their bodies continued to grow and expand until they were hundreds of feet tall and formed a wall around the vehicle and its attendant. "This is a bad idea, ****!" Merk exclaimed. From inside his tank, he chose the more powerful bullets in his arsenal and equipped AVA with it. Thankful for the automatic replacment system the tank has, Merk doesn't need to be outside his tank to do the replacements.

Meanwhile, the six versions of Marx who stayed inside the circle began to take on different and much more subtle transformations. One's arms changed into tentacles, another grew a second pair of arms, a second head, a pair of wings, the lower body of a horse and the final copy simply changed itself into a replica of the tank ahead of it. "How dare you copy AVA? " Merk exclaimed from inside his tank but he knew his opponent wouldn't be able to hear him say it. He started clipping rounds of gunfire to the opposing copies of the druggie, rotating the turret in order to get as much damage as possible to the most copies. There was a huge bang! as each shell hit either the target or the ground.The recoil from the gunfire is sending shockwaves throughout the walled area, shifting the sand slowly.

Several of the copies of Marx whose changes weren't as drastic, fled into the safety of the tank they'd created. The copy with an adittional set of arms rushed at the opposing tank, deflecting the bullets and shells coming at it and its brothers as it rushed to the opposite side of the vehicle and began to lift it up by its tail end. "HEY!" Merk fired another smoke grenade, this time the one with a slight irritator mixed into it. Merk just hoped it would have some effect towards the... freak. AVA was holding up defensively but there was not just enough firepower in her to hold off all attacks and fire back her own ones.

Sure enough, as the gas inside of the grenade dispersed it caught the four-armed Marx off guard, causing him to lose his grip and become crushed beneath the weight of the tank. Slowly, the body dissipated and fell into the sand. "YEAH!" Merk cheered as the copy disappeared underneath him. As AVA came into a more level position, the Marx's tank fired off a volley of shells in its direction, hoping to catch the man unaware. However, AVA's superior defenses held up, even against a copy of the same tank. "HAHA!" Merk revved up the tank again and sped up in order to crash into the faux-AVA. He was thinking that it would be made of a different material and it would surely put a dent into the other tank. As he was rushing, he sent another cannonfire towards the other tank for safekeeping. However, due to the archaic nature of the vehicle, the full extent of its capabilites as well as its inner workings were known to Marx, which made his version of the vehicle a near perfect replica of the beast now bearing down on him. The tank tanked the cannonfire, completely unfazed as it revved up, charging at the original.

High in the sky above, the version of Marx who'd sprouted wings was charging up something interesting between his clasped hands. A brilliant light began to shine through his fingers, illuminating his entire body as the two tanks clashed against each other. Merk felt the huge impact as AVA crashed against faux-AVA. As soon as AVA was in contact, he started bearing down cannonfire on the faux-AVA, relentlessly. "Take this!" Each explosion shook the ground beneath them.

"Get out of the way!" The Marx high in the air screamed out, warning his brothers of the impending attack. At once, the other versions of Marx dissipated into the ground, leaving AVA firing into the sand and just spewing more sand everywhere. Merk turned his turret upwards and sent another round of gunfire towards the winged-copy but he was just a bit too high. The shells fell towards the sand soundlessly.

"I've only seen this one used a handful of times, but I think I've got the gist of what it can do." Slowly, the clasped hands of the winged Marx began to come apart, revealing a violently swirling black orb which expanded the further that his hands spread. "This is what ended the war on our planet all that time ago. I was only able to use it then with the help of its creator, but I don't have that luxury now. Now I've got t-" As the copies' hands began to spread outside of his shoulders, the orb shattered. The copies' body was torn to shreds instantaneously as he was crushed down to something smaller than a grain of sand and absorbed into the darkness along with the remains of the orb. The air where the copy had been only seconds before shimmered and was tinted and unnatural black color. Merk heard a huge booming sound from the air above him, much like a bomb explosion only much larger. He felt the shockwaves reverberating on the metal sheets that AVA is made up of.

The distortions in space radiating from the orb and its implosion caused the planet that the military man was on begin to shake. The sands began to shift much more drasticly than before, the massive bodies shaking as a pit opened up in the ground beneath the tank causing both driver and vehicle to fall helplessly into the darkness. "Oh, ****." Merk could only exclaimed as him and AVA got swallowed up into the ground, as a huge void opened up beneath them. From his binoculars, Merk couldn't see anything beyond two feet in front of him. He tried his pedals but they wouldn't work and why would they? Against all logic, Merk and AVA is falling underground.

After several seconds passed, something began to appear in the abyss.Thousands of glowing red eyes peered up from within the darkness at the man and his tank. What little light managed to seep into the abyss glinted off of something white and metallic a great distance below the surface. A whirring sound echoed throughout the hole, presumably originating from the metallic glint. The eyes began to glow brightly as they slowly moved up towards the tank, rotating rapidly as whatever they were connected to ripped through the sands surrounding them. The whirring sounds grew louder, and as the being drew nearer to Merk, the lights of the tank shone on a fragment of the creature and revealed it in its true horror. A massive worm-like being, an amalgamation of metal and organic materials with hundreds of thousands of eyes dotting its exoskeleton. The being was spiraling through the ground, millions of teeth lined its maw and each moved independantly of each other as the distance between it and the military man was almost nonexistent.

Merk screamed in horror as AVA continued to fall into the creature's despicable jaw. "NO! ****! AVA!" Merk's feet pressed all of the pedals underneath him. He released all weapons he could release into the mouth but it seemed endless and all too powerful. In a feeble attempt, Merk launched another series of smoke grenades but it was quickly dissipated by the creature's breath. Merk could smell the horrible odor wafting from the creature and imagined what kind of creatures are there still. As the creature's jaw opened wider to receive the tank, Merk offered a small prayer to whatever god there is. "****, Jesus or Buddha or whatever you are. Forgive me for my sins or summin."

Merk's God, whose name was unpronounceable in modern tongue but chose to go by the name Mike, akin to a common name used by his creatures, plucked Merk and AVA from the battlefield and conceded the battle. "I am not powerful enough for this tournament, I know that. Why can I just not opt out and leave me alone creating my young universe?" Mike knew it was a futile attempt for mercy from the other gods, as they were bullies and they needed someone to bully. Mike covered Merk and AVA in his palms, removing their memories of Marx.

The God who ruled over the universe in which Marx resided cackled wildly. "Balbyon 742 is a magnificiently ferocious place. To have come into posession of such a creature, simply magnificient. I was right to choose this warrior as my first. He should be more than capable to carry me through this tournament on his own." The God let out a long and deep laugh, "I doubt I'll even need to worry about finding warriors other than him in the time to come. Perhaps I'll just call on one of the Balbyons themselves next time if this is what they have to offer. That Magi was more interesting than I'd originally thought. I was right to give him a portion of my power." The God pointed his finger towards the abomination which Marx had become. In an instant, the man returned to one and his original form, collapsing on the ground unconscious before disappearing back to the place from which he'd come. "This is what my world was created for. All of my subjects strive for powers such as these. This tournament is exactly the thing that I'd always hoped for."

"I just want to be left alone," Mike murmured as his opponent started rambling about Balbyons and winning ther tournament. Mike went back to his world and scanned his Earth. His humans were busy thriving as usual, unaware of this great big tournament. "Don't worry, my babies. Mike's here to protect you." Mike was pondering how he could be able to even give a dent to the other gods' champions with his weak creatures and then had a grand idea. He smiled as he turned his Earth a few more hundred turns.

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