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MerkAVA vs Houga Bouba


It was a city setting. Merk was still confused on how keeps on getting himself to this weird places but at least he has an inkling why. There is a fuzzy memory in his mind about a battle with a shapeshifting man in a desert where he was utterly destroyed. He was prattling on about defeating opponents and such and Merk guessed that he is supposed to fight.

His first mistake during the previous fight was underestimating his opponent. There was some freaky magic happening around and his guns won’t simply work against his opponents. He decided that he wouldn’t waste any time and just go inside AVA before he do anything else. He looked back and spotted his shiny lover basking in the high sun’s light. He opened the hatchet on top and cranked up the engine. AVA roared into life. Merk checked all the controls, all the weapons, before he even took his first feet.

A roar sounded as a building exploded beside him. Concrete rain fell off onto AVA but the sturdy armor proved to be a match to the material. Merk controlled the periscope inside his tank and directed it towards the broken building. A huge creature with three horns on his head is roaring in anger. Merk could approximate that it is at least fifteen feet tall. It was holding a huge double-sided axe that sinisterly glint in the sunlight. The creature’s two eyes were huge circles on its head and its irises were deep red. A bunch of veins are popping out on its neck and forehead. It was wearing a ragged clothing as its clothing but not much armor. Merk reckoned that he could take the thing out, at the very least. There seemed to be nothing spectacular about the creature.

Merk started the fight with a single tank-shot to the creature. Merk was aiming for the face of the creature in an effort to knock it out with one hit. However, for some weird reason, the bullet swerved away just before it hit the giant. It roared again and started running towards AVA. Merk fired another round towards it but, like the first one, it simply dodged it.

“Nothing hit Houga!” the creature roared. Merk thought that Houga was an ugly name but didn’t have enough time to think about it as the creature smashed its axe on top of AVA. It was an impressive attack as Merk could feel his tank’s armor vibrate from the impact but he trusted that it would hold. At close quarters, Merk felt that whatever was sending his ammunition away from Houga would fail. He fired another round towards Houga but the bullet simply flew upwards, completely missing Houga. It fell with a clank not ten feet away from the two. Meanwhile, Houga was smashing and pounding away on AVA. Merk put the tank in reverse to dodge the next axe blow and this unbalanced Houga. It fell on the ground face-first.

Merk revved his tank forward again, not missing a heartbeat. If his cannons and guns would not be able to bring the giant down, running him down will probably do the trick. However, even if Houga was down, AVA was met with an invisible barrier that seemed to block it. The front end of AVA crumpled but Merk managed to brake in time to reduce the damage done to the other parts of the tank. Merk’s head shook as it tried to assess the situation.

Houga roared as it stood up. Its nostrils flared and looked at AVA directly. Its eyes were full of malice. Houga bowed down and started running horns first. Merk saw the form before in fantasy movies. Houga is trying to flip AVA upside down. He hit the reverse again and started driving back. He was firing his cannons towards Houga but each hit swerved away. Thankfully, Houga was not an endurance fighter as it stopped before it reached AVA. Even if the giant is panting, Merk knew that he is at a disadvantage. He couldn’t hit the giant with AVA, and he can’t even run him down. None of his weapons seemed to work against the giant and Houga could crumple AVA with repeated blows from the axe.

As if reading Merk’s mind, Houga rushed towards the tank again. Merk tried to do a little turn to evade the attack but Houga put its big hands on AVA, locking it in place. Merk looked around the surroundings and see if he could use anything. Houga started hammering away.

Merk only saw huge buildings around. Nothing natural. No water, no trees. Just the paved road and the building. That’s it. Merk fired another round towards Houga and, unsurprisingly, it swerved. Most of them just clattered uselessly on the floor. Merk continued his assault of the giant until one of the bullets swerved enough to hit one of the buildings in the area. It started to fall towards the pair. Merk knew that AVA could still survive that. He hoped that Houga won’t. Merk continued to fire for good measure, letting more bullets hit more buildings.

Houga was impervious to the attacks being done by Merk as each cannon fire bounce off his invisible shield. It continued pounding AVA with the axe which is starting to leave dents in the armor. However, Houga didn’t see the buildings that started to fall around them. Merk smiled as he heard the concrete breaking.

However, the buildings simply bounced off the back of Houga. The giant was distracted and cared to look behind him. The buildings were simply floating in mid-air. It didn’t crash into Houga as Merk expected. Merk stood inside AVA with his mouth open as Houga laughed, the sound very crass and very painful to the ears.

“Houga blocks all attacks that can do considerable damage. Only Houga’s axe enter shield bubbe,” the giant smiled. It raised the axe again and cleaved the AVA’s turret off. Merk groaned. That would psyduck up the weapons system of AVA. Not that it matters of course since it seemed that Houga was practically impossible to kill.

“Houga axe kills puny beings,” Houga roared as it continued it onslaught. Slowly, AVA’s armor was deteriorating and that was when it hit Merk. He had only once chance to defeat the giant. He activated the smoke launchers from the side of AVA, releasing a thick smoke throughout the battlefield. Houga was confused for a moment as the smoke filled the whole area. There was zero visibility. Merk slowly opened the hatchet of AVA and climbed out. Houga didn’t see Merk come out the tank. Merk tried to approach the giant and managed to position himself behind him. As the smoke cleared, Houga still saw AVA in front of him. He laughed and continued his assault. It pained Merk to see his loved tank be subjected to such beating but AVA would not be able to help him now.

He started climbing Houga’s back. Thankfully, there were a lot of holds on the giant’s back due to scabs, scars, and callous. When Merk reached the back of Houga’s back, he drew his knife and pricked Houga. It wasn’t much but it did call Houga’s attention.

The giant roared in annoyance and surprise as it turned around. Merk could only hold on tightly to a hair follicle as Houga whipped around looking for the opponent. Merk pricked the skin again which only seemed to anger Houga more.

In its annoyance, it raised its axe and swung it down his back. It was not the brightest of giants as it roared in pain as his own attack hit him. Merk kept on pricking the neck of Houga to infuriate it more. It didn’t learn.

By its own attacks to itself, Houga fell down, his back full of axe-marks where he hit himself in an effort to defeat Merk. Green blood was dripping everywhere but Merk just kneeled there and shouted for joy since he just had his first win.


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