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    Team name: Pokemon Glistening Gold

    Team Leader: Me (Crazyninjaguy)

    Current Members: Crazyninjaguy

    Current Game title: Pokemon Glistening Gold

    Current progress made: Demo coming soon. Maps and scripts up to Violet City.

    Position(s) needed: Mapper(s), Spriter(s), Eventer(s), Beta Testers.

    Timezone: GMT+0

    Preferred Method of contact: Email ([email protected]), also my msn. Or also you could PM me if you want.

    Additional info: I know it sounds a little cheesy and the recruitment post isn't too long or detailed, but everyone will be given a fair chance. I only ask that you send me a sample of your work, and that you don't post the game all over the internet before the release is due. If you want to see a sample of what's been done so far, then look no further.


    Thanks for reading my wall of text lol, and i hope to hear from you soon ^^
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