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    OOC: Thank you, the morphing outfit will just be a normal dance leotard kind of like Rachel's. Mostly cuz my brain is shot and I don't feel like looking through Google for more tight-while-still-being-sexay stuff xP Oh, and the links were beneficial to me too. I can reference any of my animals again easily, so it worked out for everyone. You're welcome for including them ^^

    IC: Skye just stared. And stared. And stared. What was going on? Turning into animals? She'd never even dreamed about something like that. What was it called again? Shapeshifting. The power to become any animal you wanted to. She was going to have some fun with this...once she got over the fact that she was about to faint.

    After seeing some of the others go home, she decided to also. "Bye, guys...I suppose I'll see you tomorrow," she said to the others, and then headed home.

    When she walked in the front door, she noticed a note on the phone that said, "Skye: I'll be out late. I left money for pizza on the counter." After that was the number scribbled for Skye's favorite pizza place, the one her boyfriend Ian worked at, and then a hasty "Mom." Not even a "Love, Mom". Skye sighed and picked up the phone, ordering a small pizza because only she would be eating it anyway.

    About fifteen minutes later, she was in the bath. Absolute bliss. Or so it was until she remembered the entire mission she had been told she was part of. She stared up at the cieling, her arms draped over the sides of the bathtub. "What am I supposed to do?" she asked herself quietly.

    Part of her didn't want to believe what she'd seen. But another part told her that it was real, and she had to face up to the fact. I want to morph into animals... she told herself, but it's going to be so hard.

    He'd mentioned a war. She didn't want to be in a war, she wanted everyone to get along. Why fight? It was stupid. But she supposed she had to, seeing as how Yeerks were taking over the human race.

    The doorbell rang, and Skye remembered the pizza. She pressed the button on the intercom next to the bathtub and said, "Come on up, Ian."

    A tinny-sounding-voice from the other side said, "'Kay, Skye. Be up in a minute."

    She wondered how she could possibly keep this secret from him, her love, her only one. When they had shared all their secrets with each other, how could she possibly break their promise that they wouldn't hide anything?

    He knocked on the bathroom door. Skye got up, drained the water, and draped a towel around herself, opening the door and walking straight into his arms, his strong, protective arms, where she knew she would never ever be hurt.

    And for now, he was all she could think about.

    OOC: Too much almost-sexual romance? I wanted the idea that she has this person she can tell everything to, but the one thing that's most important has to stay a secret. And it's so hard because she trusts him so much. So...yeah, just tell me if you want me to tone it down a bit. I was actually going to have him walk straight into the bathroom while she was in the bath but I wasn't sure if there were any content restraints.

    EDIT: I always seem to have people posting immediately after or immediately before me ^^;

    And also, I won't be able to post too often, but I will try to keep myself updated. Don't worry if you don't hear from me for two days, but also don't post like 11 pages xP
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