Cuddling those close to me
Seen March 4th, 2018
Posted March 2nd, 2018
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Mel, you’ve already stated that the Godfather is around so you’ll come back as innocent anyway in her report. I’ve proven my innocence plenty times before, and I’m fairly concerned you’re throwing FoS onto me to try and get in the clear.

In regards to your comment about reads, being more confident helps. Then your town claim would be more believable at least in my eyes. Aaron’s flip is not indicative of your allignment at all. This is what buddying is, and it’s fairly obvious to me at this moment in time.

Buddying my foot. You're the one who is so obviously pushing the FOS on me! In trying to delegitimize the way Rabi flipped, you only make it that much clearer that it does matter.

To make perfectly clear I am saying there is a godfather present in this game. That does not make me suspicious. You have not been proven safe Purp. You have not even been investigated.

Purple has a TOWN READ.
Melody has a CONFIRMATION OF BEING TOWN. (Even if that's only ½ effective because a godfather EXISTS IN the game)

Purplecicada has not proven any innocence. She just has a few townreads because she was more chatty. That means NOTHING.