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    Cubchoo (way too innocent looking). Axew (it reminds me of Larvitar that I used to find one of the most adorable pokémon ever). Litwick (creepy cute). Elgyem (despite his weird body his giant hands make him adorable xD). Emolga (ofc! most electric types are unbelievable cute look at plusle/minun/pichu/pachirisu/etc.). Minccino (flying squirrel what else do I need to say<3). Zorau (that type that looks like don't hug me but just is too cute to resist). Petitlil (petit=french for small and everything that's small is cute; well mostly everything). Lilipup (a puppy what's not cute about a puppy<3). Tepig (my starter pokémon and probably the cutest pig you'll ever see XD).

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