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    Originally Posted by CarefulWetPaint View Post
    Whats string bass.. Is that a normal one or a big one..? I have no idea/ can remember at all..

    Also I was thinking of putting up a Song for everyone to learn soon, anyone got any songs/ genres theyd like to see?
    String basses look like these usually:

    I play an electric string bass in the jazz band at my school because none of the classical basses we have is small enough for my height. :3

    I would totally go for something classical too... though pop music'll be fine by me. n_n

    Originally Posted by Evanlyn
    Username: Evanlyn
    Instrument(s) played: Clarinet (the best instrument in the world)
    Are you willing to collaborate with other members: *shrug* I can't' really, don't have enough downloads, but might get more soon... so... maybe..

    What was the first instrument you started playing, how old were you, and how did you get interested in playing that instrument? Piano because Mum told me I should and I was 5-6 so I was interested in everything :P

    Clarinettes for the win! 8D

    (And the buttshoves are part of a clarinet tradition at our school. We get the best pow-wows out of all the instruments.)