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    Genesect has been "revealed" in the promo, so we now have an official acknowledgment of its existence. Plus, the Complete Pokedex due to be released soon will include Genesect, so it will no longer be a secret.

    The folks at Bulbagarden pointed out that the star of the movies (like Keldeo) are revealed in February, meaning Genesect will not be the main focus of the movie. The hype for it will be lost with a full year to go before the movie is shown, so they will need something else to hype the movie later on. With no other Pokemon left in this generation, the option that makes the most sense is a totally new Pokemon. This would also fit the assumed time period if Game Freak is planning to announce Gen 6 next year, allowing for a potential fall 2013 release.
    okay first when was it said genesect WOULD be in that dex book? Everywhere I've seen said it MIGHT be in it. Just because it says 1-649 doesn't 100% mean it will be in. Remember the type chart that said ghost no longer resist bug which was a mistake. Also they could do the same thing with genesect as they did with victini(who wasn't revealed in February and was the main Pokemon of M14). Why would it need to be a new Pokemon, a past one as just as much a chance. The only proof of genesect being revealed is the trailer(which is exactly how victini was revealed)
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