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Originally Posted by Xin ZhaoYun View Post
Well fortunately, I had a game where we had A taliyah top just completely demolish a Zed. Then again, why would someone play Zed on top... oh wait, because the other team had a Mid lane Ahri. Then again, the other team had no TP with either of their solo lanes. FLASH IGNITE! FLASH INGITE! When will people learn.

Also, I forgot how to play Graves. I found myself either just KSing with Ulti or dealing some damage but not really kill people. But a win's a win.
Dude I don't understand why people say Zed 'hard counters' Taliyah. I was against a Zed mid lane and got 4 kills before lane phase even ended (even scored a double kill by roaming bot XD). But bot and top fed hard anyway, and jungler didn't seem to know what he was doing (it was a Rengar; he built Shiv before finishing his jungle item). It was a shame though, I loved tossing people into my E and watching their health go down by half.

EDIT: Bloodrazor Irelia though...

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