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That part about Vayne made no sense. Not only does Vayne have a dash, but also a knockback, so I'm failing to understand how you'd even get to her in the first place. It's funny how they're still nerfing Kindred. I haven't seen it in game ever since the first nerfs showed up about 2/3 patches ago.

Speaking of PBE, I'm not sure how I feel about Leona's "Incandescence" buff. It just seems so useless on a champion who's only role is to tank and stun (even when she builds damage she doesn't deal that much). If they made the basic attacks able to blind or short sight, I could see it being a lot more useful (she is the embodiment of the Sun after all...). Shorter cooldowns on Q is gonna be beast.

EDIT: I just realised 6.13 patch is out. That 7 armour nerf on Kindred is painful... But that's not what bothers me most. What bothers me the most is 20 SECONDS ON BLITZCRANK'S AoE SILENCE?! R U SERIUS RITO? RIP any initiator during the late game. And then they stuff up the AI for Zyra's plants. Now it's back to stealing CS from the ADC, like it was pre-rework. At least now Nami has a proper armour item that she can build (Talisman of Ascension).

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