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1. I got Spirit Guard Udyr from the free chest that Riot gave out at the beginning. Still haven't saved enough skin shards to unlock it though (might help if it wasn't limited to 1 chest per champion).

2. Eww the Fiora buffs are so disgusting that I might just pick her up (she really didn't need them). The Leona change is barely noticeable. The change to Taliyah's W is messing me up. I've gotten used to her old W and now I find myself accidentally causing it to go the wrong way. Also if you use it a bit out of range, sometimes she walks in range to use it... and doesn't use it. It's annoying. Although pro tip: if you're in a close fight against someone, use Zhonya's and prepare to use your W+E combo. Her new changes allows you to cast both almost simultaneously, and it usually means that you can secure a kill even if you get killed after you cast it.

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