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Kilik Chambers

"Uh... Thanks. I like your costume too. What is it? I am guessing it is Unova, but I have not seen all of the pokemon there. Only the ones around where we lived. Also my beauty, Royal." His costume sucks, Kilik thinks of himself. Definitely a Lucario costume next halloween.

"It's a...Samurott costume." He thought his costume was lame. Showing spirit of halloween, a Lucario costume would suit him best. Kat didn't know where the batlefields were due to her Psy? Kirlia? Weird family relationship. Then someone else comes by wearing an Espeon costume. An Umbreon & Espeon. What are the odds.

'u-uhmm hello.' She greets shyly. 'i'm Ruby Destiny and this is my partner Poochyena, we are new here, my Poochyena told me you four are going to battle, is that right?'

"A multi battle, yes." Kilik answers Ruby.

'w-would you mind if w-we watched?' She asks shyly. So timid.

"Sure, you can watch." Kilik answered, looking at the red jewel on Ruby's forehead. That looked pretty cool, unlike Kilik's Samurott horn. He should really raise his self-esteem. He turned his attention to Olivia at the moment. She checked her watch-like device to check her map. Nice touch. She led everyone to what appeared to be a battlefield. Nice structure with the pointed rocks there. Good straightway. Perfect climate.

"Just sit tight & watch." Kilik said to Ruby as he took the right side of the field. "Hope you're ready for this Kat." He said quietly to Kat. "You better be prepared, 'cause I'm not holding back!" He yelled at Olivia & the other boy, sounding confident. Come to think of it, he never got the boy's name. "Hey. Kid Teaming with Olivia. I never got your name." He pronounced. He awaited for what comes next.

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