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    N continued to hold Kiyoko in his arms as he rubbed his back.

    "Well then. . . I will let him teach you. But first, you've got quite a bit of weight to regain. We need to give you some healthy food and not stale bread," N said to him.

    Zoroark walked over to Kiyoko and leaned his head really close, probably violating some level of personal space.

    I bet you probably wouldn't mind having a nice bit of meet or something huh? the older evolved pokemon asked.

    Kenshin Ren

    "H-Huh?" Kenshin looked up at Kilik. "Um. . . Kenshin."

    He looked at Olivia and gave her a puzzled look at her question. "Well. . . Torchic knows-"

    He blinks as Olivia interrupted him and mentioned she had a plan. Okay . . . he'll go with it.

    Okay so. . . so far the girl. . . Kat was it? She had sent out a Kirlia. He wasn't sure what type Kirlia was. It wasn't a pokemon he often looked into or fought.

    "Alright. Torchic, go!" Kenshin called out as he threw out Torchic's pokeball. The small chicken pokemon tilted his head at the battlefield and towards the opponent. A rocky battlefield huh?

    Well, Torchic was probably the best choice Kenshin could make out of any of his pokemon to use in this terrain.

    Takumi Ryuuhiko

    Takumi's eyes opened a little bit wider as he noticed Anna's cheeks flush. He didn't say anything at first, rather he waited silently until she finished talking before he said anything.

    "Um. . . excuse me Madame Ashford but. . . your cheeks seem to have taking a pink tint to them. Are you alright?" he asked. "Should I call a nurse?"

    It didn't really occur to him that HE caused that flustered look on her face. Not yet anyways. Sure, he probably read about some types of situations like this before in some of the novels he's read, but he honestly didn't suspect he could cause that kind of reaction from a girl close to his own age.
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