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    Awesome! My last question is if youre able to clone?

    As far as the movesets go- yes, they are smogon movesets but i tweeked a few of them.

    The Porygon-Z is an old Smogon set from OR/AS but i 'updated' the moveset by giving it the 'conversion + normalium z' option.

    Clefable is standard 'Calm + Magic Guard' EV spread and moveset, however I added the move 'follow me' to aid in doubles.

    Kabutops is a very early OR/AS smogon moveset, however the nature is Adamant instead of Jolly, and is meant to be used in a doubles rain team.

    Tyranitar is a legit 'word for word' smogon recommendation moveset and EV spread.

    These next couple weeks I will be unavailable unfortunately. Holidays are always very busy for me. This being said, I think early January would work best.