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    I will be resuming trade times from 1/10. However, I am not currently negotiating new trades.
    Please be understanding.

    Originally Posted by Klay78 View Post
    Hello! I am available all day today to trade if you would like. I will be available to trade all day tomorrow as well.
    Sorry, wasn't back from vacation yet. I am back to my normal trade times so let me know if they work for you.

    Originally Posted by sater10 View Post
    Hi Road, are you accepting request right now? i'm looking for these mons in specific balls.
    - Moon Ball Gollett
    - Moon Ball Pawniard
    - Love Ball Meinfoo

    i don't have many to offer, but if you let me know your TSV, i can absolutely breed any shiny you like.
    Hiya, welcome back! As usual this is a free service so I don't need any payment, but if you REALLY wanna see if you have a match for me, I'll VM you a link to a doc with my TSVs in them. I'll jot these down and work on them soon!